SPRING-SUMMER 2024 Collection 


A Playful Encounter: ANTEPRIMA x SNOOPY™

ANTEPRIMA is delighted to unveil its latest collaboration featuring Snoopy and his dear friend Woodstock, set to debut on December 26th, 2023, across Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. This captivating collection has been meticulously curated, showcasing ANTEPRIMA's iconic STANDARD WIREBAG, STANDARD MINIATURA WIREBAG, Pouch, and charming bag adornments, which are intricately adorned with beloved Peanuts characters, Snoopy and Woodstock.

This collaboration is dedicated to enthralling both ANTEPRIMA aficionados and fans of Snoopy and Woodstock. Do not overlook this whimsical collaboration; prepare to embark on an enchanting journey alongside these cannot miss Snoopy and Woodstock items, transforming your day into a captivating adventure.


Embrace the delightful whimsy of Snoopy embodied in the SNOOPY STANDARD WIREBAG PA23FFE0JL. These classic bags, available in Argento and Orogento, stand as statement pieces that harmoniously merge ANTEPRIMA's iconic wire knitting technique with Snoopy's distinctive image. Painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans, a charming scene featuring Snoopy and his companion Woodstock is seamlessly woven into the very fabric of the WIREBAG, transcending its role beyond mere fashion accessory to become a captivating piece of mobile artistry.



For those seeking a more compact option, ANTEPRIMA features the delightful Snoopy on the STANDARD MINIATURA style. The SNOOPYSTANDARD MINIATURA WIREBAG

PA23FFE0JL in Argento, Orogento and Rosso Opaco captures the essence of Snoopy in a compact and versatile accessory. This style is perfect for people on the go who want to highlight their attire with subtle playfulness.



Enhancing the collaboration, ANTEPRIMA presents to you the delightful Snoopy and Woodstock Bag Charms and Pouches. The SNOOPY CHARM PL24SFE4B1 and WOODSTOCK CHARM PL24SFE4A9 add a touch of cuteness to your WIREBAGs, instantly elevating your style and showcasing your love for the characters.

Attach the bag charm to your favorite WIREBAG, making Snoopy and Woodstock companions for your daily adventures.

Continuing your fashion odyssey, immerse yourself in the irresistible charm of the SNOOPY POUCH PL 24S FE 237 and WOODSTOCK POUCH PL 24S FE 238.

Meticulously crafted with ANTEPRIMA's hallmark attention to detail and avant-garde design techniques, these 3D pouches boast an intricate Snoopy and Woodstock motif, capturing the vivacious essence and endearing personas of these cherished characters. Not merely functional, these pouches offer a chic solution for organizing essentials or can stand alone as a whimsical yet elegant clutch, infusing a touch of playful sophistication into any ensemble.


As part of this collaboration, ANTEPRIMA offers you a Snoopy pattern eco bag to elevate your SNOOPY WIREBAG purchase with a vibrant accent. Customers who purchase either STANDARD or STANDARD MINIATURA style SNOOPY WIREBAG can get an exclusive Snoopy Eco Bag as a gift. This eco bag not only complements the WIREBAG collection but also serves as a practical and eco-friendly accessory for everyday use. Featuring Snoopy in all his delightful glory, the vivid pattern brings joy to any shopping or leisure outing.

* The SNOOPY and WOODSTOCK collection is available in Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand from 26 Dec 2023.

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